The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is a powerful voice for everyone touched by ovarian cancer.

What We Do For You

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is a powerful voice for everyone touched by ovarian cancer. We connect survivors, women at risk, caregivers and health providers with the information and resources they need. We ensure that ovarian cancer is a priority for lawmakers and agencies in Washington, DC, and throughout the country. We help our community raise their voices on behalf of every life that has been affected by this disease.

We are a voice for women with ovarian cancer on Capitol Hill, in statehouses around the country and with federal agencies. The Alliance plays an essential role in securing millions of dollars in ovarian cancer research and education—including $166 million in FY2014.

Through our Advocate Leaders Program, we train top advocates to speak up in their communities and represent our cause with their elected officials.

We train the next generation of health providers to recognize the risk factors and symptoms of ovarian cancer through our Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women’s Lives® program, which reached 7,644 students in 105 schools in 2013.

We host the largest national conference dedicated to ovarian cancer survivors. Our Ovarian Cancer National Conference will inform, encourage and inspire you to take action!

Our online communities connect tens of thousands of women and men affected by ovarian cancer, helping them find resources and share information about this disease. Nearly 300,000 people visited our website for information in 2013.

We educate the public about ovarian cancer through media outreach, public service announcements, social media and resources such as our fact sheets and symptom cards. Our efforts are amplified each September as we mark National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Our 58 Partner Members —a mix of international nonprofits, national, state and local nonprofits, and patient support groups—work in tandem with the Alliance to educate their communities, raise funds for research and take action on behalf of women with ovarian cancer.