State Resource Guide

This State Resource Guide is the only place to find comprehensive information on the status of ovarian cancer in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This tool can be used for both education and advocacy. It is our goal not only to provide a snapshot of ovarian cancer laws and regulations, but also motivate ovarian cancer advocates to change state policies.

The current status of ovarian cancer laws on the state level is staggering:

  • A majority of states have no laws whatsoever on ovarian cancer.
  • Twenty-one states include ovarian cancer in their comprehensive cancer control plan.
  • Twenty states mandate insurance coverage of clinical trials.
  • Seven states mandate insurance of ovarian cancer testing.
  • Only one state currently allocates research dollars specifically for ovarian cancer.

To make progress, we all need to join together to promote research, improve health care practice, and build a national movement. By using the resources provided here, we can advocate for increased funding for ovarian cancer on the state level. We can improve the lives of women suffering from ovarian cancer by passing favorable laws. We can also raise awareness among women, legislators and health care providers so that everyone knows the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

To find out how your state fares, click on your state on the map below.

PLEASE NOTE: This information will be updated October 2011. Please check back for current data.

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