Symptom Diary


The link below provides a packet of tools that women can use to pursue answers to their concerns that the symptoms they are experiencing may be evidence of ovarian cancer.

The first tool is a personal Symptom Diary, developed by the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance and the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, which can be used to track persistency of symptoms over time that may indicate the possibility of ovarian cancer. Completing this diary will help you document your concerns and assist you and your doctor in determining next steps.

The second tool is an Interim Practice Guidance and outlines important steps your doctor may take to evaluate whether your symptoms may be ovarian cancer. Leaders in ovarian cancer research, diagnosis and treatment have developed these symptom management strategies based on their expertise and years of practice. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance believes this very important information should be shared publicly to help women with ovarian cancer get diagnosed sooner.

In order to help physicians consider ovarian cancer as a potential diagnosis when evaluating women who present with certain symptoms, the following guidance is based on expert opinion, and will be revised as clinical data becomes available. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance will continue to work with the medical community to ensure that women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer earlier, when intervention can make the greatest difference in survival and women can live longer, healthier lives.

Because the symptoms of ovarian cancer often mimic other conditions, they are sometimes misdiagnosed or ignored. By tracking the persistency of the symptoms, over time women will be better able to discuss their options for further diagnostics with their doctors. By using the Symptom Diary and the Interim Guidance, we believe that more women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer earlier and hope that lives can be saved.

Click here to download and print the Symptom Diary and Practice Guidance Tool Kit.