2011 Materials

The PowerPoint presentations and other materials from the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance’s 14th Annual Conference are listed below. Feel free to download these documents and disseminate to your local communities.

Ovarian Cancer: The Big Picture Michael Seiden, MD, PhD
Nutrition David Alberts, MD
Fallopian Tubes Jessica N. McAlpine, MD
Clinical Trials Robert Allen Burger, MD
Action Steps Cara Tenenbaum, Esq.
Mello-Abrams Lectureship Richard Barakat, MD
Approval Process for Drugs: Part 1 Andrew J. Emmett
Approval Process for Drugs: Part 2 Christine Merenda, MPH, RN, OCN
Approval Process for Drugs: Part 3 Rene Quashie, Esq.
Ovarian Cancer Controversies: Part 1 John Hays, MD
Ovarian Cancer Controversies: Part 2 Robert Allen Burger, MD

2011 Awards and Recipients List

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