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Julianne Covington Guidry, Lake Charles, LA


Cancer, effects everyone Julianne was my oldestt daughter of 21 years old when we heard those words you have cancer stage 3c ovarian cancer, a very rare form called sertoli … Continue reading 

Carol Ohmen, Warren, CT

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Carol Ohmen had Addisons Disease for 32 yrs, pre mature ovarian failure and did not have any children. She was vigelent about keeping all of her doctor appointments. February 2012 … Continue reading 

Rita Bradt, Martinez, CA

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For five years I went to doctors complaining of digestive blockages, feeling bloated and loss of appetite. The only medication I was taking was synthroid and went to my endocrinologist … Continue reading 

Ingrid Pullen, Fullerton, CA

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I had a total hysterectomy in 1996. So when I started to have horrible lower right abdominal pain, I had no idea what it could be. The pain was so … Continue reading 

Adrienne Zappia, Lanoka Harbor, NJ

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Hello my name is Adrienne and I was diagnosed with embryonic carcinoma ovarian cancer when I was 14. I now 36 and have been cancer free for 22 years! I … Continue reading 

Rhonda Woodrow, Louisville, KY

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My mom had a hysterectomy when I was barely in middle school. We thought that the surgery had solved the problem. I remember seeing my mother’s scar and thinking that … Continue reading 

Sabah Mikha, Santa Monica, CA


Throughout my mom’s 5 1/2 year battle with ovarian cancer, she never wavered in her belief that she was blessed, lucky even. She would smile and say with conviction, “Life … Continue reading 

Ruby Faye Wright, Irving, TX


My beautiful mother was diagnosed with Stage 3b ovarian cancer in July of 2011 at age 72. We knew that fighting the disease would take a terrible toll on her … Continue reading 

Terri, Prairieville, Louisiana


I am a second generation ovarian cancer survivor. My mother, Flo Nickens, was diagnosed at age 78 at stage III. We were given grim odds for her survival, but she … Continue reading 

Jennifer Humphrey, Iowa City, IA


In 2009, I heard the words that no 27 year old expects to hear, “We belive you may have cancer.” Cancer?!? Procedures, plans, and protocols were discussed, though the only … Continue reading 

Cindi Collins, Cleveland, OH


I’ll be the first to admit that stress is not something I handle well. I consider myself to be an over achiever with a strong personal work ethic. In the … Continue reading 

Bonnie Nellett, Perrysburg, OH


Bonnie Nellett: Wife, Mother, Mimi They say the symptoms of ovarian cancer “whisper” so women should listen to what their bodies “say”. In my Mom, Bonnie Nellett’s case, it wasn’t … Continue reading