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Bone Density & Gynecologic Cancers

A small study of 35 pre-menopausal women with gynecologic cancers (ovarian, cervical and uterine) showed a decrease in bone mineral density after treatment. Women with cervical cancer appeared to have … Continue reading 

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New Paper Posits that Drug Shortages are Due to Low Prices, not Low Reimbursements

A new paper authored by two Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employees argues that the recent spate of drug shortages was caused by numerous factors, all of which can be … Continue reading 

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Interval Debulking Surgery Appears to Increase Risk of Platinum Resistance

A study of 425 Stage III and IV ovarian cancer patients had either primary debulking surgery or interval debulking surgery. Interval debulking surgery did not appear to increase the risk … Continue reading 

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High Blood Calcium Levels May Indicate Ovarian Cancer

A new study indicates a direct link between higher blood calcium levels and presence of ovarian cancer. Specifically, “women who were later diagnosed with ovarian cancer and women who later … Continue reading 

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Ovarian Cancer Incidence and Mortality Decreased

New data has been released showing that the number of women who get ovarian cancer has decreased as well as the number of women who die from the disease. Since … Continue reading 

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Federal Funding for Cancer Research in Jeopardy

Due to the current crisis in Washington regarding the budget, appropriations and debt ceiling, federal funding for cancer research is in jeopardy. Due to the sequester, cancer research may take … Continue reading 

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Hormonal Risk & Tumor Aggressiveness

In an analysis of more than 4,000 women with ovarian cancer, it appears that some hormonal and reproductive factors may affect tumor aggressiveness. The study showed that increased age was … Continue reading 

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Phase II Study Shows No Improvement in PFS with Addition of Pertuzumab

A study of 149 women with platinum sensitive ovarian cancer, half treated with carboplatin and paclitaxel or gemcitabine, half with that treatment plus pertuzumab, showed that the addition of pertuzumab … Continue reading 

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Farletuzumab Trial Fails to Show Increase in PFS

A Phase III trial of a potential new treatment for ovarian cancer, farletuzumab, did not know any improvement in progression free survival. See a new article here

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Pap Test for Ovarian Cancer?

A small study of 46 women showed that examining cells on the cervix can help identify ovarian and uterine cancers. In this study, DNA analysis detected 41% of ovarian cancer … Continue reading 

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Screening for Familial Ovarian Cancer

More than 3,000 women with a high risk of developing ovarian cancer were enrolled in a screening study. These women were screened every year with a CA-125 blood test and … Continue reading 

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BRCA Mutation Does Not Have Effect on Long Term Survival

A study of 1,626 women with ovarian cancer showed that women with a BRCA mutation had increased survival rates at three years after diagnosis, but had the same rates of … Continue reading 

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