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Patricia Rae Cashman Andrus, Lafayette, LA

Cashman Andrus-Patricia Rae

My mom dedicated her life to helping others overcome their grief. She was instrumental in creating The Grief Center (later renamed Healing House) in our hometown of Lafayette, LA, a … Continue reading 

Georgia Prather, Waterford, PA


I want to honor my mother, who has been married almost 50 years to my father, was a stay at home mom and raised three of us kids. My mom … Continue reading 

Mary Ann Swafford, Castle Rock, CO

swafford-mary ann

What makes my mother special? She gave me life…kept herself alive for me…and took her last breath of life in my presence. How many children can say that? My mom, … Continue reading 

Marilyn McNeil


I want to honor my beautiful, loving, caring mother who lost her life to ovarian cancer August 10, 2009.  She found out that she had a mass on her ovary … Continue reading 

Gail Wasylishyn

No image submitted

Mothers We Love I know there are several moms out there that deserve to be honored and recognized and, although I am biased, my mom Gail Wasylishyn deserves and has … Continue reading 

Rose A. Ewing

No image submitted

My mother has always been a symbol of strength and overcoming.  She became a single Mom when I was in second grade, and was always making sure we had what … Continue reading 

Demetra Bothos

No image submitted

My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer right after the New Year.  It was devastating for my family as we lost my father to colon cancer approximately 8 … Continue reading 

Jean Davis


Blessings of Love!! That’s what my mom was to me. She raised seven children, and always put everyone before herself.  I can remember going shopping with her after we were … Continue reading 

Anne Rice


My Mum, Anne, adopted me 33 years ago when I was just 6 months old. I am so glad she did.  She was the kindest, most loving mother I ever … Continue reading 

Martha Davidovich

No image submitted

My Mother’s Love My mother is my truest friend when life’s trials Are heavy and suddenly fall upon you She clings on and endeavors by her kind percepts and counsels … Continue reading 

Arleen Taffel

No image submitted

Arleen Taffel was a much loved and cherished Kindergarten teacher.  She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer eleven years ago.  For the past eight years she has been in constant treatment.  … Continue reading 


No image submitted

I have to say, May is my least favorite month of the year. Within one month are dates that haunt me: Mother’s Day, which is sometimes the same as my … Continue reading