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Annual Reports

Teal is Personal.  These simple words ring true for the 186,000 women living in the United States who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, as well as the friends and family of those who lose their lives to the disease each year. Our embrace of teal—the color of ovarian cancer awareness—shows the unity and strength of our mission. Together, we are creating a global movement to change the course of ovarian cancer.

Teal is tangible.  We don’t just talk about teal—at the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, we take concrete steps to change women’s experience of this disease. This report shows how we made an impact for women with ovarian cancer in 2013: by securing funds for research, improving their access to quality health care, connecting them with resources and finding creative ways to fund the work we do each day.

Teal is action. When you support the Alliance, you help us take bold action on behalf of every woman with ovarian cancer. Thank you for being part of our movement in 2013.

This is a just a sampling of what we achieved in 2013. For even more details of how we took action, visit URL, click here.

With warm regards,
Calaneet Balas, CEO      Terri McKnight, Board President

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