Online Chat: Oral Contraceptives, Ovarian Cancer and the Supreme Court

What do oral contraceptives, ovarian cancer and the Supreme Court have to do with one another? This March, the Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether for-profit companies can be required to offer health insurance that includes coverage of birth control. Given the wealth of evidence showing that oral contraceptives can reduce women’s risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers, the Alliance submitted a brief to the court in support of women’s access to this medication.

On March 18 at 3:00 pm Eastern Time, we will host an online chat with experts in law and medicine. Featured speakers include Michelle Kisloff of Hogan Lovells (which drafted the Alliance’s brief to the Supreme Court), Anil K. Sood, a gynecologic oncologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Lin-Fan Wang, a family physician who recently completed a fellowship in family planning and is currently a fellow at Physicians for Reproductive Health.

Join us to ask your questions about how oral contraceptives reduce women’s risk of ovarian cancer, what it means to file an amicus brief, the impact of the court’s decision on women’s health and more!

Click here to join the chat on March 18 (you can also set up a reminder to join the chat at this link).