Carol Ohmen, Warren, CT


Carol Ohmen had Addisons Disease for 32 yrs, pre mature ovarian failure and did not have any children. She was vigelent about keeping all of her doctor appointments. February 2012 she went for her annual ob/gyn exam. The doctor said she had some ovarian cysts which could be removed roboticly by a surgeon at St Francis Hospital in Hartford Ct. We met with Dr Mayer who scheduled MRI which showed a spot on her liver. She had a liver biopsy. Friday the 13th of April 2012 Carol was told she had stage 4 ovca and the cancerous ovarian cells were in the liver. Her CA 125 was 1060. WE started chemo the next Wed. The following Sat she was in the hospital with a reaction of chemo and her addison medicine which had to be increased after each chemo treatment. After 6 chemo sessions she had a hysperectory and a liver section on August15, 2012, staying in St Francis for 7 days. Before surgery her CA 125 had dropped to 630 and was down to 360 when she started another round of 6 chemo treatments. While in the hospital she received 2 blood transfusions. Labor Day Weekend she had been home about a week and had not gone outside yet but went into local hospital with a high fever. One of the blood transfusions had given her 3 types of tick borne diseases. Medication for this and back on chemo with the same 2 types of drugs as before. Christmas time Carol wanted to take a break from chemo to celebrate her 60th birthday on Dec 29. Her CA 125 was down to 115 but the doctors thought after 12 treatments it should be lower. Jan 2013 started on Doxil which made hands and feet red and numbers started going up. We conferred with cancer surgeon at Yale New Haven for second opinion but said regular doctors were treating her ok. March and April 2013 she tried 2 different drugs. Ca 125 numbers continued to rise but I would not tell her how high. May June and July they tried 2 more different drugs, nothing was working. Carol asked for clinical tests to help others but was told she couldn’t because of her Addisons Disease. The end of June and July she was doing less and on this web site more. She was getting more discomfort as a large mass was pushing on her colon. Aug 4, 2013 Carol went to Sharon Hospital Ct for relief because she couldn’t go to bathroom. She was in ICU that night and moved to regular room next day. They gave her one last chemo treatment in hospital. Thursday they wanted to operate to remove the mass and said it would only add a few days to her life, we both rejected the idea and planned on hospice to start on Mon Aug 12.
Carol had 4 sisters, a close family friend and two high school friends to help her through this as well as myself who was there every step of the way. Carol and her high school friends Debbie and Randi would meet every three weeks to take her out for dinner, shopping or to the Rhode Island beach one last time the third week of July. Carol did not want any pain medicine until in the hospital because she was hoping to go into remission. The morning of August 11 2013 Carol slipped into a coma. That afternoon I called her sisters and friends to come to the hospital. Her sister was coming from Durango Co at 8:30. Carol died at 8:28 with family and friends at her bedside. The doctor showed me her last Ctscan where the cancer had moved into lungs and her CA125 was over 1600. Carol fought to help others with 26 chemo sessions in 16 months with hope someone else will not have to suffer. The church was packed for her funeral service as she had a bagpipe sendoff to heaven.
Thank you for allowing me to share Carol’s story.