The Clock Is Ticking: Give Today to Help Women with Ovarian Cancer


Make your donation count–give today for a deduction on your 2013 taxes. Click here to donate.

Over the past weeks, we’ve introduced you to three of the ovarian cancer survivors we helped in 2013. Sarah, Dee and Ruth each have a unique story–but they were all helped by Ovarian Cancer National Alliance programs like our annual conference, Survivors Teaching Students program and online support community. We are asking you to make a donation TODAY so we can expand our reach even further in 2014.

The clock is ticking to make a tax deductible contribution to the Alliance. Please click here to help the Alliance work on behalf of every life touched by ovarian cancer.

P.S. Not convinced yet? Here are five ways we’ve helped survivors and their families in 2013–ways we will continue to serve our community in the coming year.

We are your voice in Washington. We met with the White House, Congress and an alphabet soup of government agencies to discuss the needs of women with ovarian cancer, such as access to counseling and genetic testing for those with a strong family history.

We listen to your needs. Our Patient Perspectives report asked whether women with ovarian cancer are receiving recommended treatment–and what barriers are getting in your way.

We help survivors access the health care you need. We build tools like the Cancer Insurance Checklist–which helps compare health insurance plans—and campaigns like Coverage Counts to improve care for women with ovarian cancer.

We are your expert resource. We connected hundreds of thousands of people with information, tools and support to deal with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Our website and online communities help carry our messages into the world.

We reach women worldwide. The Alliance now has international Partner Members and Survivors Teaching Students® programs. In 2013 we helped start the first World Ovarian Cancer Day.