Ruby Faye Wright, Irving, TX

My beautiful mother was diagnosed with Stage 3b ovarian cancer in July of 2011 at age 72. We knew that fighting the disease would take a terrible toll on her already frail body, but she wanted to fight with all her might. This wonderful woman raised four daughters, and helped raise five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She wanted so badly to have more time with all of us – at least until she was sure we were well cared for and happy. She endured terrible pain, nausea and weakness, never complaining. She didn’t want any of us to lose any worktime because of her (of course, we didn’t listen), but she always showed her appreciation in any way she could. I have heard how this person or that “fought a brave battle with cancer,” but until I saw her giving it everything she had, I truly appreciate that sentiment now more than ever.

Mom lost her battle on November 20, 2013. My wish and hers would be that we keep up the fight to get the funding for research and find a cure for this cruel disease. Breast cancer research seems to get the lion’s share of publicity and funding. I lost an aunt and cousin to that disease, but the ovarian cancer alliance deserves no less attention. For those of you who are still fighting, don’t give up! I will pray for each of you and hold on to the hope that we will see a cure in my lifetime. God bless.