Terri, Prairieville, Louisiana


I am a second generation ovarian cancer survivor. My mother, Flo Nickens, was diagnosed at age 78 at stage III. We were given grim odds for her survival, but she responded exceedingly well to treatment and died of natural causes at age 89. She was the classiest lady I’ve ever known and I miss her dearly. Even though her BRCA test results were negative, my doctor monitored me closely and insisted that I have a total hysterectomy and my ovaries removed at the first sign of trouble. Her proactivity enabled me to be diagnosed early, at stage Ic. My cancer is a rare type called granulosa cell tumor, and the geneticist reports that it is totally unrelated to my mom’s epithelial ovarian cancer. I see my oncologist every three months for testing and thus far remain in remission. Even though I wouldn’t wish this disease on anyone, this journey has helped me appreciate the multitude of blessings I have in my life.