Updates on Federal Services During the Government Shutdown


The House and Senate have failed to reach an agreement on a continuing resolution and triggered a federal government shutdown. The Department of Health and Human Services Released a Contingency Staffing Plan in the event of a government shutdown including a furlough of over 40,000 individuals. Some functions will remain up and running while others are on hold until Congress finds a resolution. Some of those functions include:
National Institutes of Health
Patient care for current Clinical Center patients will continue
Animal care service for NIH animals will continue
Decreased support for ongoing protocols
No new patients admitted (unless deemed medically necessary)
No new protocols or grant applications/awards

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
ACA related activities continue
Medicare and Medicaid continues

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Ongoing projects from under the Patient Center Outcomes Research Trust Fund will continue
No new grants or contracts for health services research initiatives

You can read the full document here.