Meet Tammy, Ovarian Cancer Survivor

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Tammy chats with another survivor at the 2013 Annual Conference

Tammy chats with another survivor at the 2013 Annual Conference

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in March of 2012. I started feeling ill on a business trip, and I thought, “There’s something really wrong.” I ended up going to the hospital for an ultrasound, then a CT scan. The radiologist came in to explain what he found and said, “…and it’s because you have ovarian cancer.” He realized he had just broken this devastating news to me very abruptly and he left quickly. I was left with a multitude of questions and no answers.

I had never heard of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance before then. My family and I became very proactive; I started researching the disease, going to chat rooms and websites. Through such a search, my daughter found the Alliance’s community on Inspire. This site became our lifeline for critical, real-time, information shared through survivors via their stories.

That spring I received an email inviting me to the Alliance’s 15th Annual Conference. I really wanted to go but I was in the middle of intense treatment to save my life and my doctor advised against it. I vowed I would go the next year, and I did!

I’ve been to a couple of ovarian cancer conferences and they were great, but the Alliance conference was even better. The difference to me was the volume of information, the expertise of the speakers and the interaction between attendees. Until you’ve experienced ovarian cancer you can’t fully understand it. All of a sudden you’re in a room with all these people who understand you. The lasting impression that will always stay with me from the conference is the visual of women standing up who are five years past diagnosis, ten years past–and I was standing amongst them, a survivor! I not only wanted to survive, I was motivated to fight even harder.

Going to Capitol Hill was so empowering. I could literally walk the walk from office to office and tell them why we need research funding, and to fight for something that would make a difference, not just for me, but all those affected by this insidious disease.

As National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month draws to a close, I hope you will join me in supporting the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance with a donation to this wonderful organization. donate button w shadowAs I’ve experienced in the past two years, the Alliance has a clear and targeted purpose. Your gift will benefit someone in the midst of the struggle. Click the donation button at right to make a gift today.

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P.S. Very seldom as a survivor are you able to see and feel the difference you can make. With the Alliance, I feel that I have. Please consider a donation today to support their work on behalf of every life touched by ovarian cancer.