Kathleen Maloney, Bohemia, NY

mommyMy mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer in October of 2011. After the diagnosis, she started her first round of chemotherapy which brought down her CA-125 numbers substantially. Originally my mother was told that surgery was not an option because her tumors had spread too much throughout her body and there was one large tumor in the mesentery which could not be removed at all. However, after her CA- 125 went down, the doctors told us surgery was now an option. We were so happy and hopeful that she went through with the surgery, but we soon were disappointed when the surgeon told us they could not resect enough of her tumors. She was then given 2 years to live. In the months after surgery I stood by her side and supported her through the ups and down of chemotherapy. During that time, I became pregnant with my first child (her first grandchild). My mom and I were extremely close since growing up it was just her and I. So, I thought trying to give her a grandchild, something to live for, may help during this battle. We stayed so hopeful during this time and she continued to fight this disease. The chemotherapy worked throughout the next couple of months, and by the time my baby girl, Emma, was born in January 2013, my mother was alive and well enough to meet her. My mother spent the next month being the best grandmother anyone could be! Then sadly, at the end of February, we found out that the chemotherapy had stopped working and that she was going into renal failure. She spent the last few weeks of her life in the hospital where her health quickly declined. My mother was taken home to heaven March 9, 2013 with myself and her two sisters by her side. I can only hope to be a wonderful mother just like mine was. My mother, Kathy made my life complete and I will be forever thankful for the relationship and bond we shared as both mother and daughter and friends.