Diane Keller, Las Vegas, NV


I am a 73 year old woman who has had both breast and ovarian cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 38 (1978) years of age and had my first mastectomy, no chemo. The second breast cancer was when I was 56 (1996) year of age, chemo for six months. I rallied very well and was fine until July 2010, 70 years of age. I was checked each year in July and this time, my CA125 was 427 and CA27.29 was 673. They told me I was late in going to the doctor. I had extreme pelvic and stomach cramps, and ended up in Urgent Care that year, before diagnosis. Nothing was noted, other than irritable bowel syndrome.

It is now, September 2013, my counts were normal in June 2011, after 11 treatments of Taxol and Carboplatin (not sure of spelling). I was chemo resistent. My last CT Scan recently showed a lymph node in my pelvic area which had grown from 1 cm to 1.8 cm. I had a PET Scan and it shows it was malignant. The surgeon wants to do a major surgery which would be the most beneficial, but very risky. My Oncologist wants to wait and see for 2 months. Take another CT Scan and then go forward with whatever he feels would work for me. I know my time is limited. But the surgeon said just taking chemo = doesn’t equal longer life. If surgery is successful, I would still have to take chemo. My Oncologist says “that’s their opinion”. Not sure what to do going forward. I may want a 3rd opinion. I have been very fortunate to live these many years, but this may be my last chance for life. Not sure what I will do. I trust my Oncologist, but I also think I need more communication soon. I have had so many surgeries in my life, I am extremely nervouse about another one. My Mom also died of ovarian cancer when she was 56 years of age.