Arcella Holmes, Durham, NC

4475_598464240973_351159_nMy mother Arcella was diagnosed with stage IV Ovarian Cancer in the fall of 2004. At that time she was given a 30% survival rate and was scheduled for surgery and chemotherapy immediately. I was a senor in college and felt my world was closing in on me. However the one thing I have learned from my mother and her battle with cancer is never ever give up, fight on, and fight hard! A lesson I continue to honor daily, in my personal life, and in my life as a teacher through life lessons I teach my students. My mother fought her cancer with dignity and grace. She never once complained, she drove herself to her chemo treatments, and worried more about those around her than herself. My mother bravely fought her cancer for eight years. She blew that 30% out of the water. She tried every case study, continued to go to the gym, and ate healthy, cancer fighting foods. She fought her cancer ferociously and continued to live her life to the fullest. She was able to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day, watch my sister give birth to her second child, and enjoy a short retirement with my father. Sadly my mother had a type of Ovarian Cancer that is reoccurring, currently there is no cure for the type of cancer she had, and in May 2012, we lost her. In her honor I do all that I can in the fight against Ovarian Cancer, so another family does not have to experience what mine did, so one day we can live in a world where cancer does not exist. To me teal is very personal, and I will fight until there is a cure!