Karen Champagne, Indianapolis, IN


My mom was first diagnosed with masses July 22,2013 with not knowing 100% sure if they were cancer or not.The tumors continue to grow and surgery was set for August 9th,2013.That morning of surgery we found out that for sure it was ovarian cancer.5 hours went by and the surgeons came out and the cancer had spread to 5 organs they removed most of it but it still a little in the liver.Well during recovery 2 days in my mom got ARDS which is acute respironarty distress syndrome. which we are fighting everyday.She has a very long road ahead of her and they tell us she will need chemo when we can get over this lung issue.Right now I sent in the icu waiting room where I have been at the hositpal for 22 days since we first admitted august2 fighting along side her.I have yet to figure out how you come in for one thing and then so much other goes wrong.but my mom has always been my rock and I will be hers as we fight this battle along beside her.