Alexis Wright, Roanoke,VA

AlexisMy name is Alexis Wright, and this is my story about the struggle I went through at such a young age battling ovarian cancer. At just the age of 16 i got the worst news I think a teenager could get, that I had ovarian cancer. At 16, i had my first child that was such a little blessing from god, his name is Braedon and he was born on Jan, 8th, 2011. I was so content and happy with my self that I had brought this little miracle into this world safe and sound! I thought all was well until around mid July of 2011 I started having horrible pain in my stomach, and it even got to the point to where I couldn’t work. I picked up my phone and made an appointment to see my OB doctor, and as I sat there talking to my doctor i thought, “well surely I can’t be pregnant again”. I went to my gynecologist and they did an ultrasound on my stomach and they said it was a large mass surrounding my left ovary. My doctor rushed out of the room and went somewhere, and as he came back into the room he prompted me to go to an exam room where he closed the door, sat down, and proceeded to tell me that he thought I had Ovarian Cancer. He then directed me to make an appointment with an Oncologist. I did so, and a few days later had an appointment, my mother accompanied me to the office and we listened to the doctor as he explained what was wrong. He explained to me that I had a malignant dysgerminomia sex cell tumor engulfing my left ovary that would require surgery immediately. He admitted me into the hospital just a few days after meeting with him, and I had my stomach cut from just below my bellybutton vertically down to below my pants line. The recovery from that was very tough, but I made it though! I’m a trooper (: Just 4 months later in December my cancer had returned with 8 metastatic tumors that weren’t removable. I had to undergo chemotherapy from February 6th till April 16, 2012 from 830 am to 430 pm everyday except sat and sun. I had etopicide cysplatin and bleomycin which made my hair completely fall out. The fact that I had to wear wigs for a while scared me and made me think people would judge me, and at first they did but it ended because they recognized that I was struggling. Through chemotherapy, my mother supported me 100% of the way, even though she was in nursing school trying to deal with that, and a sick child i’m sure was very hard for her, but I am thankful that’s for sure. During chemo I had to have another additional surgery which was having a power port put in my chest so that I wouldn’t blow out my veins in my arms with all the extensive chemotherapy. After everything was said and done, I met the love of my life, my husband David. He helped me through the rest of my recovery, and showed me that I didn’t have to wear a wig or a hat to be beautiful, that it wasn’t what mattered on the outside, it was what’s on the inside! We got married on Jan 5th, 2013 and had a beautiful baby girl on May 17th, 2013 and she is such a miracle in our eyes considering I wasn’t supposed to be able to have children for a long while due to me only having my right ovary and tube.. I had a few scares there where I had thought it was back with my doctor wanting to share blood results personally, but everything is normal now. I will be in remission for 2 years on April 16th, 2013 and I’m so proud of myself for being so strong going through this at such a young age. I’m now 19 years old on February 12th, 2014, and standing strong. If my cancer were to ever come back, I’d fight with everything I have in me, not just to beat the cancer for myself, but to beat the cancer for my kids ensure that they will always have their mother around and know what I went through to reassure me that they would grow as strong indiviuals. Finally, to all the women that go through having ovarian cancer, or any type of reproductive cancer, I feel your pain, but remember that you are strong, and you are a survivor, and I for one am VERY proud of you!