Diane Galvan, Bremerton, WA

In 2004 my mother was working as a sub for the United States Postal Office. She was working crazy hours and my sister and I rarely saw her. The evenings we did get some time to spend with her she was exhausted and kept complaining of sever pain in her leg. I remember sitting next to her on the couch, looking up at her and noticing how much weight she had lost. And not healthy weight. My sister and I finally convinced our mother to go see a doctor for her leg.

The night I came home from school to see what the doctor had said, my mother still was not home. I walked into the kitchen and my sister was already there. I asked how it went. I’ll never forget the look my sister gave me as she told me Mom had Stage 3 ovarian cancer. She had 3 months to live.

That December Mom went into surgery to remove the tumor that had grown in her stomach. We all decided it was either going to be a blessed Christmas or the worst.
God was on our side. The doctors removed 15 pounds worth of tumor! And what was a death sentence of 3 months turned into 6 years!

Mom got to meet my daughter, my nephew and my niece in those 6 years. She showed me incredible strength, courage and faith.

On May 5, 2011 at 11:10 a.m., I sat by my mother’s side as she took her last breath.
I hope to one day find a cure for this awful, awful disease, so that no other daughter has to lose their mother in such a way.