Marion Belcher-Griffith, Midland, TX


A woman of great strength, motivation, determination, and the power to PUSH through the the storm describes my Mother. She has carried these traits for as long as I’ve known her – teaching others what it takes to succeed. My Mother is a single mother of 5, but a Mother to ALL. Day to to day, not knowing where food would come from, what house we would lay our heads, what car that would get us from destination to destination – she kept the faith and did enough to provide for us. My Mother was a teacher for over 25 years before she retired. She started and finished withouth a degree but finished as a well-known successful teacher.

I clearly remember the day I found out. Driving to conference in August of 2011. I got the call from one of my sisters who didn’t have to say a word. I didn’t and still have not given up hope. The fight she has had all her life; the fight she has instilled in all 5 of her children lives on. I, WE, will fight with her until the very end.

I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with a Mother of such great strength. The fight continues and we will not give up!