Pamela Thrasher, Hayden, AL

My name is Pam and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in March of 2012. I had begun having problems after menopause and I was sent to a gynecologist. I had pap smear, ultrasound, biopsy and xrays that all came back normal. My doctor was not satisfied with the report from the ultrasound it just did not seem right to him and after I continued to have problems he suggested I have a hysterectomy. So, I of course agreed and because of his diligence they found a malignant tumor on my ovary that had not shown up in any of the previous tests. I was then sent to gynecologic oncologist and began 6 chemotherapy treatments. The 6th was July 30th and my cat scan came back with no sign of cancer. But, because they did not know I had cancer when they performed the hysterectomy they did not remove lymph nodes and the peritoneum. He believes I should have that done November 2 and also some more biopsies to make sure there are no more cells.
I was so shocked when he told me I had cancer. After all the tests I had gone through prior to my surgery and the fact they all came back normal or benign. That is the reason I think it is imperative that this disease needs to have as much attention as breast cancer. There are no definitive tests to show whether you have this disease or not. Thank the Lord that my doctor was knowledgeable enough and cared enough to pursue a correct diagnosis. My cancer was found at stage 2 and he saved my life.