Lorna Longmire Piggee, Milwaukee, WI


I am proud to say I am a 49-year old, 14-year ovarian cancer survivor. My story started 6 weeks after my son was born. My 6-week check up revealed pre-cancerous cells. My doctor shrugged it off and nothing was done about it. 3 years later, we wanted another baby and I had difficulties getting pregnant. I thought my age was a factor. So did the health care provider so she prescribed Clomid to help me get pregnant. 18 months after my daughter was born, I knew something was wrong when I could barely finish a non-strenuous fast pace walking routine. It felt as if I was running a marathon and had runners cramp. I followed-up with my ob-gyn. The nurse practitioner saw me right away. An ultra-sound was performed and it revealed an enlarged ovary. She put me on birth-control pills to see if the hormone would reduce the size of the ovary and was given a follow-up appointment. I barely made it a few days when I was awaken with severe pain. Emergency surgery was performed to remove my right ovary. The birth control pills had actually fed the ovary which caused it to grow the size of a baseball. My story gets interesting now! Pathology reported there was cancer within the ovary but my ever-so-careful doctor ruptured the ovary while I was in surgery. My diagnosis was a stage IC. It could have been a IA but because she ruptured it…I choose a very aggressive route to deal with my diagnosis. Back to surgery for a hysterectomy, oophemectomy (however you spell that) and 4 rounds of chemotherapy was enough to deal with the contents that was spilled in my body. I can truly say I have been and continue to be blessed and I thank God everyday for blessing me with another day of His precious life.