Tina Rangel, Bayonne, NJ


My name is Tina, I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage 3c at the age of 29. Today I am a 10 year survivor and my battle has never stop since. My journey was an uphill struggle, the doctor said my chances of survival would be less than 50%. I have had a total of 5 surgeries and 3 chemo therapy treatments out of 6, I have also died 3 times. My determination was to live long enough to see my daughter turn 18, today she is 20 years old. My husband was my caregiver, without him and his humor I would not be here today. I found courage where it didn’t exist, I prayed for strength at my weakest, I fought what I could not see and reached for hope when I had lost my spirit. Today I fight for every Mother, Daughter, Wife and every Female to bring hope and awareness so this does not happen to them.