Kay Staib, Cogan Station, Pa


I am a 3 year ovarian cancer survivor, having being diagnosed in 2009. The most obvious symptom was abdominal bloating. I felt silly calling my family doctor with this but I was advised to call him anyway. After a ct scan, I was referred to a ob-gyn surgical oncologist, about an hour from my home. After surgery,debulking and 6 rounds of chem, the disease remained persistent. I have had a total of 22 rounds for 3 recurrences.

My husband has been a fortress during this time. We are both retired, but he had a part time job in a local supermarket, and took a lot of time off during my surgery and recovery. He told me that if I ever had to have chemo again, he would quit, and kept his promise to me and to care for me. I am blessed with 4 sisters and 4 children who have been my cheering squad. I have an optimistic attitude and carry on life as usual. I have been busy canning fruit and freezing corn for our winter enjoyment. Also, I treasure the time I spend with all of my family, especially my grandchildren. My Catholic faith has been a blessing to me, and the people at my church have been very supportive. Also, I am a 16 year breast cancer survivor, and I fear for my children since my first husband died of cancer at a young age, but so far they have all been fine and I do not carry the BRCA 1 and 2. It gives me comfort to read about women who have survived up to 15 years, but am saddened when I hear of women that have died from ovarian cancer, having only had it a short time. I have been blessed in so many ways, and am always up for a challenge, and this has been the greatest challenge of my life.