Dale Lutz, Perry Hall, MD


This is in honor of Kathy Fazio and Anita Feith

I am blessed to be an Ovarian Cancer Survivor for 4 years. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m tough and a FIGHTER and an ADVOCATE in the community which now includes Ovarian Cancer, and the American Cancer Society! As an advocate I speak to women’s groups, medical students in GYN Rotation, at community events, etc to create awareness of this disease through education, being involved, and opening my “big mouth” whenever I can to talk about it! I believe God chose me to experience this journey myself, so I would do exactly what I’m now doing. I won’t stop until a cure is found, and/or an accurate test to screen for OC before a late diagnosis. I’ve lost two close friends this year to Ovarian Cancer, and previously two to Pancreatic Cancer and Kidney Cancer. All of their journey’s affected families and themselves tremendously. They were all brave and FOUGHT LIKE GIRLS, but lost their battles. I’m speaking on their behalves and the other OC patients who can’t. CANCER is a terrible disease that must be cured!! It takes money, and time. Some patients don’t have the time because their diagnosis comes too late and their chances for survival are very short. I want to make a difference and if I save one life because of early detection, its worth it to me! After reading my story, please join in the FIGHT with awareness, education, and donations of funds for RESEARCH for early screening tool like PAP and Mammogram for other women’s cancers. Thanks for reading! Bless you. LIVE each day as if it’s your last because it could be!