Danielle Tucker, West Melbourne, Fl

I was 32 years old with a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old. I was so sick for about seven months. I had always gotten ovarian cysts. They put me on the birth control pill when I was 17 years old to stop them. They did stop, which gave me so much relief, but when I got married I wanted to have children. I stopped the pill at the age of twenty-two and unfortunately had three miscarriages. They wanted to put me back on the pill to keep me from getting pregnant because the miscarriages were so devastating to my body physically. At the age of 30 I had my first child, and at 31 I had my second. I was off the pill because I was breast feeding. I ended up with a cyst the size of a grapefruit and emergency surgery. After that, life became a nightmare with one cyst after another. I was always bloated and full and my back hurt and my pelvis area felt like it was on fire. One doctor told me it was all in my head–that every woman got ovarian cysts and I was just being overly emotional. After 7 months of utter hell I found a doctor who did one cyst surgery and told me I was just a mess. He fought with my insurance company to be able to remove my ovaries so I could have my life back. In the mist of the fighting, and having 10 more cysts removed, one surgery discovered I was pregnant but the pregnancy was no longer viable because of the cysts. I had that last surgery and the insurance company finally agreed to let them remove my ovaries. I went in for what should have been a routine operectomy and woke up to find out I had four different cysts on each ovary and that my ovaries were so misshapen and deformed they were not sure what they were looking at. They biopsied them immediately and I had stage one ovarian cancer in both my ovaries. If my doctor had not fought for me so hard I would have died from this disease. I was a walking poster child for every symptom of ovarian cancer but no one would listen to me. That was 14 years ago. I ended up with uterine cancer and cervical cancer a few years later and have beat all three to be able to raise my girls. Please I beg you!! if you dont feel good and you know something is not right please fight to make someone listen to you!!! You know your body better than anyone else does and if you dont fight for yourself no one else will. I was lucky to find a doctor who finally listened. He helped to save my life. Keep fighting and dont give up!!!!