Nora “Alice” Pope, Mount Carmel, TN

My Mother Nora “Alice” Pope was diagnosed in 2010 with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer. Her cancer was diagnosed after an enlarged lymph node appeared in her left inguinal area. The node was then biopsied and later found to be malignant. After further testing, she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. My Mother had no prior health concerns or issues and appeared to be a healthy, vibrant woman. Her only apparent symptom was a slightly enlarged abdomen. She had just retired as a school secretary and had planned to travel the world and enjoy life and quality time with her family and friends. Although her prognosis was poor, she kept a positive attitude and upbeat personality. She continued to fight the cancer received 37 rounds of chemotherapy and various medications and treatments to combat the disease. Unfortunately, after a brave and courageous battle with the ovarian cancer, she passed away April 16th, 2011. My Mother was and always will be a symbol of strength and courage. My three children and I miss her so much and think of her every single day. She was a beautiful, intelligent and talented woman and an inspiration to everyone who knew her. As a healthcare professional I have planned to devote my career to helping in the fight against ovarian cancer in memory of my precious Mother and all of the other wonderful women who have lost their lives to this horrible disease. I plan to begin a Alice Pope Ovarian Cancer project in her memory to help aid in this fight. We must continue to join together and fight to help find a cure for this deadly disease.
Amy E. Cradic