A Survivor

I was diagnosed with a rare type of ovarian cancer when I was a 30-year-old mother of a toddler and 5 months pregnant – after having what several doctors insisted was “only a cyst” removed with my one entire ovary. Based on the suggestions of my Dr., my own research, and my instincts, I started BEP chemo two weeks later and wrapped up chemo in time to recover for a week before giving birth to my son, about 6 weeks early. He is 9 months old now and, thankfully, seems to be very healthy and happy. I have been in NED stage since he was 2 months old and our lives have returned to normal, or what passes for normal now anyway. I’d been going to doctors for months before I’d gotten pregnant saying something was wrong – I was exhausted all the time, lost my appetite, and was having strange but slight and fleeting stomach pains. It was dismissed as either eating bad food, overworking myself, getting older, and even depression – and it most likely would not have been caught in time had I not gotten pregnant and started getting ultrasounds. Even then no one wanted to consider it was more serious until they took it out and couldn’t recognize it in the pathology department of a premier hospital. Lesson learned – trust your instincts and be assertive with the doctors.