Rachael Mance, Pflugerville, TX

Just wanted to share my story. Almost thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Being that I was only 23 years old doctors were really shocked to learn that this huge tumor, which sat beside my baby in my womb, would indeed turn out to be a cancerous tumor. I am so grateful to be alive today after reading and researching how this cancer can be a silent killer. I had no idea that I even had a tumor in my stomach, let alone while I was pregnant with my son. After giving birth to my son, during an emergency c-section, is when I found out that my ovary needed to be removed with this massive tumor on it. I guess I was one of the lucky ones though, after all of this I found out that I didn’t need any treatments and there was a high chance that I would survive this “silent killer.” I was so amazed. I have been so grateful ever since. I wonder if I had not been pregnant with my son–would I have noticed? I call him my life saver, he saved me in every way. This was a very scary, major event in my life. Being so young and just having a child, and not knowing if I would live to see him grow up, I was so scared. Thank you for listening to my story, I just hope that it could help to bring some awareness and maybe some comfort. I’m still alive and living every day to the fullest.

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