Katie Horn, Hot Springs, Arkansas

This is my story. I am sharing this to let women know that one can survive Ovarian Cancer. In 1970, I was a mother of 2 sons..hoping to have a daugher to add to our family. We were excited to learn I was pregnant again and on a routine office visit with my OB doctor…I was told that there was a possible problem. I was over 4 months into the pregnancy and surprised. A mass was felt and so they decided to do an exploratory surgery. A thousand things went through my mind during the night before surgery at the hospital, but cancer…was not the main concern on my mind…I just did not want to lose my possible daughter. After the surgery the next day, my husband and Mother…came to my bedside…to let me know that it had been cancer…and that a decision had been made by them…to allow the pregnancy to end and the tumor to be removed. I was heart-broken….but with time I realized they made a good decision. We had 2 healthy sons…who needed a Mother to care and raise them. I had to have radiation during the next few months and then the waiting started…. I admit….the odds were against my survival…but as the day and months went by…I kept having good reports but the always thoughts and prayers were…please let me be able to raise my boys. The 5th year came and went….and so I thought….just let me get thought another year. It is now 42 years. I have seen my boys graduate, marry, bless us with a set of twin boys, plus 3 other grandchildren and grow old with my husband of 52 years. Do not give up believing that you can survive a cancer diagnosis…. even if the starting outlook sounds grim…keep hope and faith alive.