Kathy Kremer, Fenton, MO

My sister Kathy had always been very active and proud of her nice figure. When her stomach began getting a little bit big she began walking more and eating less; nothing seemed to help. Then she experienced stomach pains that would not go away. Finally, after much urging, she consulted her doctor. Ovarian cancer. This was in October of ’95 and she was gone by April of ’97. Five years later, one of her four daughters was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. My sister was 48 when she died. My niece’s doctor had her tested for the BRAC gene and she was positive for BRAC2. Her other sisters were tested and one other also tested positive. My niece is doing very well now, seven years later, and after two children she will have her ovaries removed later this summer. Her sister that tested positive had her breasts and ovaries removed at 39. Families need to be aware and be tested.