Linda Ledford & Cynthia Martin


In my blog I shared my Mother’s Day confession and how I had to learn to love this holiday in a new way after my mom lost her battle with ovarian cancer. Today I want to tell you about a couple of women in my life who have helped me just by being in my life and by doing so I hope you are encouraged. If you look around your life chances are that you will find women who seem a lot like these ladies.

Linda is my step-mother. I have to tell you that I hate that term and I try to use it as little as possible. After my mom died my husband was talking to me about the fact that my dad would start dating. Without missing a beat I told him that I thought he should date a great nurse named Linda that I had met when my mom was in the hospital. I went on to explain that when I thought of them dating God gave me a peace. So I like to think that God allowed me to hand pick her even though I actually had nothing to do with it. A few weeks later my dad was set up on a blind date and guess who it was. Yep you guessed it. It was Linda. She married my dad and has been a great source of love and encouragement to me since. Linda had experienced joy and heartache in her life that helped her to empathize with things I was going through. Linda lost her mother when she was very young. While I was in my twenty’s when my mom died, Linda still understood the difficulty of dealing with the loss. Linda had also lost her first husband to a battle with cancer so she knew what we had experienced as we watched my mom fight that battle. While having those tragedies in common she was also a mom. I grew up with a younger brother. With Linda came the addition of another brother and four sisters. If you spend a little time with any of them or listening to Linda talk about them you know she has a mothers heart and the ability to encourage in only a way that a mother can. Linda has never once tried to take the place of my mom, but instead has been a true source of comfort and given me the feeling of a mother’s love.

Cynthia is my mother-in-law. She welcomed me from day one. She has held my hand and comforted me in times of sadness and she has jumped for joy with me in times of celebration. She has always loved me with a mother’s heart. I have only told this story one other time, but today I am sharing it with you. My husband and I started dating in college. My parents had moved with my dad’s job and so I was in the dorms with no family around. To save money on laundry I would take my basket with me anytime I went to visit my husbands parents. I had a pair of jeans that needed to be sewn. I had no sewing machine in my dorm and even if I have absolutely no skill in that area, so I just wore the jeans with a belt and hoped they would hold on a while longer. One weekend after my laundry and I had gone to visit them I was putting away my clothes and I noticed something different about my jeans. The tear was gone! I had never mentioned the jeans to Cynthia, but when she saw them she took it upon her mothers heart to neatly repair them and place them back in my basket with never a word said. I could tell you stories all day about times that she has just jumped in and did whatever I needed and there was absolutely nothing for her to gain.

I wanted to tell you about these women because they are such a blessing in my life. They have stepped in and loved me like only a mother can and never once made me feel like they were trying to replace my mom or her memory. I encourage you to take time today to see the Linda’s and Cynthia’s in your life and thank God for the gift. Maybe you are the Cynthia or Linda in someone’s life. Either way it is amazing how God provides and places people in our path.