Lorna Longmire-Piggee, Milwaukee, WI


I was 18 months when my mom was diagnosed with stage 1C ovarian cancer in 2000 at age 36. Although she tells me the story over and over again, I was much too young to remember the events; therefore, my story is told from what I remember and from conversations. It has been 12 years now since my mom has had a second chance in life. I can not imagine life without her. Who would be that person I would tell my firsts to? Because God spared her life, she is the person I told when I started my menstral cycle. She is the person that I confided in when I received my first kiss. I am confident she will be there at my 8th grade graduation, my high school graduation, and my college graduation. She is the person I will tell when my future husband, wherever he is, asks me to marry him and it really feels good to know that my mom will be there at my wedding with the box of tissue in her hand, and because of my strong faith and confidence, she will be the person I will call when the labor pains are 2 minutes apart.

My mom’s life was spared 12 years ago for a reason and for that I am truly thankful as well as grateful. I want to shed a tear when I read all the stories of those loved ones who were not so fortunate. I can honestly say I am blessed as well because my mom was given a second chance. I will not take that for granted and will hug and kiss her and smell her perfume every chance I can get!