Mary Jane Baucom, Roscoe, IL

Mary Jane Baucom is my inspiring guardian angel, great friend and neighbor. People that know her say that she is the most thoughtful and the nicest person anyone could ever know. She is 96 years young and lives in her own home that Ivan and she built over 50 years ago on 3 acres of beautiful woods overlooking a pond and the golf course. She has three grown children with grandkids and now great grandchildren.

This superstar gal is my idol and drives her car and has a schedule as busy as mine. I hope to be just like her someday. She is my true treasure.

She is a retired architect and loves all forms of art, Celtic arts, music, nature, bird watching, gardening, planting prairie flowers, and reading. She enjoys the symphony, basketball and football games for Wisconsin and volunteers at her church to help with every event and program.

Mary Jane is so knowledgeable on the area and my most valuable resource for things needed and services. She either knows someone or can refer you to get help on almost any subject. She is our neighborhood historian and enjoys giving presentations and talks to the community.

We have enjoyed going to the farmers market in the summer, going to local antique shops, picking raspberries, going to the apple orchard, craft shows, holiday bazaars, to the bird banding station and stopping for a bowl of soup along the way through the years.

When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer she surprised me and came to visit me in Wisconsin at the rehab center. I was so inspired to see her and encouraged to fight even harder. She put me on her prayer list at church and brought me all types of beautiful magazines to look at. I value our friendship so much.

Once I was stronger and could leave my home we went out to a Christmas Holiday Bazaar and luncheon at Church to celebrate and shop for homemade Christmas gifts and baked goods together.

Sheri Krizek – 4-30-12
Ovarian Cancer Survivor 2008