Sophia Grace Martinez, Tucson, AZ

My daughter, Sophia, was diagnosed in July 2011 with a rare form of ovarian cancer. She was 5 years old. She underwent two surgeries and four rounds of chemotherapy. The plan was for her to do six rounds, then a final high dose round before undergoing a stem-cell transplant. She did well on the chemo, for the most part. However, in November, she began getting sicker and sicker and it was discovered the cancer had returned to her abdomen. We took her by medivac to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston in hopes of undergoing a surgery there to remove the new cancer and have heated chemotherapy administered directly to her abdomen. However the first night there she began declining and was taken to ICU. On Thanksgiving afternoon, our sweet, beautiful daughter passed away. We are devastated by how rapidly this awful disease took her life. We are still in shock at her loss and our hearts are broken beyond repair.

We wish everyone going through this terrible illness courage, determination, conviction and hope. Never give up the fight.

James and Mary Martinez
Tucson, AZ