Jennifer O’Connor Westborough, MA


My name is Ryan O’Connor and I just lost my wife and best friend Jennifer to Ovarian Cancer last week.  I am 34 years old and Jen was 35.  We were married 3.5 years and together for over six years.  She was diagnosed in February of 2011 and battled just over a year before she passed.  She was the most amazing woman I have ever met, she was as gorgeous as she was friendly.  She made me such a better person and I am truly blessed that she was a part of my life.  I sit here still in shock and full of sadness and not knowing where to turn and how to heal.  We have no children and were a family of the two of us.  Friends and family keep telling me it will get easier as each day goes by but I keep telling them they all have either a husband or a wife and with children and have someone to keep going.  I come home alone and wish my wife would follow, it’s harder than people think.  If you have any encouraging words or stories to brighten my day I am all eyes and ears.

Thanks for reading!