Our CEO Karen Kaplan Reflects on the Midwest Regional Conference

On March 10, the Alliance held our first Midwest Regional Conference, hosted by Ovar’coming Together (our Indianapolis Partner Member) and four other Partner Member groups from the region: the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio and Wisconsin Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

The conference was a fabulous success and set a high bar for joint Partner Member activities. This was the first time in the Alliance’s history when five of our Partner Members worked together to create a day-long conference crammed with scientific, networking and capacity building sessions. Well respected physicians and other scientists from Partner Members’ communities, as well as Partner Member volunteers, spoke to an attentive and enthusiastic audience of more than 100 women and men.

Attendees gave each session high marks on their evaluations, and seemed reluctant to leave. Folks learned about the varied local activities that Partner Members are engaged in, the importance of advocacy on local, state and federal levels and about scientific research happening in their own communities. Best of all, attendees learned what an awesome day five Partner Members can create working together.