Carrie Cordova Troy, MT

Carrie, my companion of eight years, was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer just after Thanksgiving this year. Last week I took her to the hospital and turned her over to the surgeon, Dr. Joel Webb at Deaconess Hospital in Spokane, WA. Her 5 hour surgery was horrific, but deemed successful. It is our hope that this procedure has given her the very best fighting chance in the first round of chemo coming at us in about 30 days. Right now she has to focus on healing and resting. The pain she endured was heartbreaking. She is now in her 4th day of recovery, and we are reeling from the shock of it. I have only begun my journey to better understanding this awful disease. Our future is filled with unknowns, but Carrie’s courage astounds me. That, and the calm determination of her doctor is all we have to hold onto now. Life has become simply one day at time.

UPDATE – 18 months (June 23rd, the night of the Super Moon) from the initial diagnosis and surgery, followed by two rounds of chemotherapy, Carrie passed away from complications of ovarian cancer. Despite her heroic focus and determination and the support of all who knew her, she is gone. The happy ending we all hoped for will not be.