Jude Quinn Bear, DE

To celebrate my eighteenth birthday, my girl friend and I went to Planned Parenthood to get birth control. After having an internal exam, the doctor there thought I was pregnant due to the large mass he could feel in my abdomen. A pregnancy test came back false so I was sent to my primary care doctor. Turns out my ovary was the size of a cantaloupe! I had surgery soon after and the doctor said I would be fine. However, a few days later tests returned the verdict of ovarian cancer, stage 1A. I agonized over the options, should I do nothing since my ovary was removed, or have a hysterectomy? My parents and I consulted a leading surgeon in New York City who felt I should have a full hysterectomy and chemo for 14 months. Wow, what blow! I did have the surgery and 2 months of chemo, just couldn’t stand any more. So here I am 34 years later, happy and healthy. One more “win” in the fight against ovarian cancer!