Cressie Tanner Summerville, SC

My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2008. She called me one night because she was hurting and didn’t know what it could have been. Her lower abdomen started swelling a little that night. I told her to go to the doctor the next day or I would take her to the hospital that night.

When she told me that it was ovarian cancer I was concerned and my sister and I started doing research. She also told us that she was in the 3rd stage. We were really worried then. She fought for it to go away. Her chemo stopped working toward the end and the cancer spread. They couldn’t do anything about it after that. It had gotten really bad at that point. She passed away April 17, 2009. She was a very strong and beautiful woman. The picture that I chose is really the last one ever taken of my mother. It is the purest picture of my mother. She used to dye her hair and put on make-up even though we told her she didn’t need it. I miss my mother everyday.