Anonymous TN

I miss my MOM sooooo much. It is so true that ovarian cancer is a silent killer. My story begins one day when I called my mom from work and noticed via telephone as I talked to her she had a hard time breathing over the phone. I immediately got off work early and took her to the Emergency Room. Once at the ER the doctor told me “looks like my mom has cancer.” Those words I will NEVER forget. Long story short, her PCP and oncologists told her at first she had approximately a 2 year life expectancy. The signs of ovarian cancer were not visible to me. Ovarian cancer took my mother from a very HEALTHY person to DEATH with 2 months.

I lost my mother in March 2007. I will never forget the call I received that Sunday morning at 7:40 AM. Hospice called and stated that my mother had just passed away. I remember the day before, I went to visit her and her last words to me were to bring her a bell, a yellow cover and a back scratcher. The day before she died, I went to see her and she seemed like she was being called into the light (staring off in the distance). This was a sign i did not realize until later that death was knocking on her door. She did not eat for the entire 2 months. All she did was sleep. The morphine helped.

I love my mother SO MUCH and still today, it HURTS every single day to be WITHOUT her. The ovarian cancer that took her came swift and quick. OMG, I hope one day soon, there is a cure for ovarian cancer. God Bless!