Terry Paci Euclid, OH


I am a 46 year old female, I was diagnosed in 2008 at the age of 43 with stage 3C ovarian cancer. It had started out with me having a number of cysts throughout my life time and the end result was them rupturing. I was gaining weight and thought I needed to diet so that is what I did to no avail.

Then in December of 2007, I went in to the doctor because I didn’t feel well. It turned out I had the flu, but what was worse than that after getting over the flu I was having some very severe cramps; the kind that make you keel over in pain and want to lay down and just die. I went back to my doctor and he ordered an ultrasound which revealed that I had 2 different types of cysts; one was a regular water cyst (the kind that just go away) the other was a cyst that consisted of a porcupine-like structure that was literally wrapping itself around the ovary and was causing my blood flow to come to a complete halt. I went to see an ob/gyn who also did an ultrasound and found the same things. He did one surgery to remove the bad ovary and the cyst only to discover via biopsy that I had ovarian cancer. He referred me to an oncologist who diagnosed me with stage 3C ovarian cancer. The reason it was diagnosed at stage 3C was because it had already spread to my pelvic region. He did surgery on me in 2008 and removed between 10-15 pounds of tumors. He ultimately saved my life.

I am now 46 years old and I have been in remission twice. I am in my third recurrence and I have just started a new treatment with Alimta. I had my first dose yesterday 10/19/2011. I have also been informed that with my type of cancer I will have remissions but they will be far and few between. I keep praying and I am very optimistic that I will not be a STATISTIC, I will be a SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 2 boys, I am in a long term relationship of over 18 years and I have many Teal Sisters that I love and that show me support every single day as I show them the same….