Bilateral Oophorectomy Associated With Higher Prevalence of Low Bone Mineral Density and Arthritis in Younger Women

A study presented at a breast cancer conference showed a link between lower bone density and removal of the ovaries.

Women who had both ovaries removed before 45 years of age and who never used HRT had a lower BMD on average than women with intact ovaries. They were also twice as
likely to have very low bone mineral density compared to women with intact ovaries.

Participants were also asked if they had been diagnosed with arthritis. Researchers found that 45.4 percent of women
who had oophorectomy reported arthritis compared with 32.1 percent of women with intact ovaries. They found a higher prevalence of arthritis — 47.7 percent — among women who had undergone oophorectomy before 45
years of age.

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