Beth York Castle Rock, WA

In June 2008 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. One day I noticed that I was feeling extremely bloated with upper right side pains. This feeling would come and go for a few weeks. As time passed by I began to not fit in my clothes and the pain increased. I went to see my primary doctor and she ordered a ultrasound. She got the results and told me there was some ascites but nothing to worry about and that if it didn’t improve to come back in six weeks. Needless to say I was back within 2 weeks having gained 60 pounds in a short time. She then realized something was dreadfully wrong with me. I was admitted me into the hospital immediately. After many tests were done I was informed I had ovarian cancer.

I was then referred to a gynecologic oncologist, Dr. Winter. He gave me great compassion and assured me I would be alright. We would get through it together. With my family support and an awesome doctor behind me, I went through my 1st surgery. Once Dr. Winter had opened me up he discovered that it was stage 4 and in my liver as well as my entire abdomen. He had to stop the surgery and send me to chemo when I was released form the hospital. He had told my family that this was not going to end well. I did my couple treatments and went back into surgery a month later. When Dr. Winter reopened me up he was amazingly surprised, the cancer was completely gone. I continued doing my 6 treatments and then did 10 more for maintenance treatment. My last treatment was in Sept. of 2009. I am now in remission or N.E.D “No Evidence of Disease” Since I met Dr. Winter he and 5 of his colleagues have formed a band to raise awareness for gynecologic cancers. Be a survivor, keep the faith, find a cure, never give up HOPE!

Your Friend,