Statement from the Alliance about Chemotherapy Drug Shortages

As of August 2011, there are more than 180 drug shortages reported, including numerous chemotherapeutic agents. Ovarian cancer drugs, including taxol and Doxil, are in short supply. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is working with stakeholders and government authorities to determine the cause of the problem and work towards a solution.

There are shortages in generic drugs and branded drugs. The cause of the shortages is not yet clear, but may include unsafe supplies, production problems or drug company concerns about low prices for generic drugs.

With respect to Doxil, the manufacturer is currently limiting the drug to patients who are already receiving it; no new patients should be started on Doxil. Patients on Doxil should have their physician enroll them in the Doxil CARES Physician Access Program so that the doctor can receive Doxil. The company has not released an estimated date that the shortage will end.

If you are experiencing the effects of a drug shortage, please contact us at advocacy at ovariancancer dot org.