Pansy Duke Weston, FL

My mother was a beautiful soul, dedicating her life as a pre-kindergarten teacher to nurturing young children. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer mid 2009 when she was still actively teaching in New York, she moved to Florida so that I could help manage her care and assist with some of the medical decisions. She had a very high tolerance for chemotherapy and her oncologist told us that he had been treating a similar case and the lady was still alive after 10 years. That got our hopes up so high that when we received the bad news after 16 months that the chemo was no longer working, we were blinded-sided. I know she was not ready to go and I was not ready to lose her, but I thank God for those months that we got the chance to reconnect. She was such a loving, peaceful person. I miss her so much. Love you, Mummy.