2011.4.13 Statement about Decrease in Ovarian Cancer Deaths


April 19, 2011

Advocates Say Decline in Ovarian Cancer Deaths is “Right Direction, but Far Too Slow”

Washington, DC—In April, the Journal of the National Cancer Institute published its Annual Report to the Nation of the Status of Cancer. This year’s report showed deaths from ovarian cancer have fallen by one percent.

“Mortality rates for ovarian cancer are moving the right direction, but our progress is far too slow,” noted Karen Orloff Kaplan, CEO of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. “Forty years after the War on Cancer began, we have barely changed the odds for women with ovarian cancer. We must continue funding research into early detection tests and improved treatments, with the goal of saving women’s lives.”

One of the factors inhibiting survival rates for ovarian cancer is the lack of an early detection test. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance advocates each year for Congress to fund research programs, including the Defense Department’s Ovarian Cancer Research Program and the Ovarian Cancer Control Initiative, which is housed at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Despite the slight decline in deaths from ovarian cancer, the Annual Report found that this disease remains the eight most common cancer for women, and the fifth most deadly. Approximately 21,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011, and about 15,000 will die from the disease. To learn more about ovarian cancer, please visit www.ovariancancer.org.

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is the foremost advocate for women with ovarian cancer in the United States. To advance the interests of women with ovarian cancer, the organization advocates at a national level for increases in research funding for the development of an early detection test, improved health care practices, and life-saving treatment protocols. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance educates health care professionals and raises public awareness of the risks, signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is a 501 (c) (3) organization established in 1997.



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