September 2011′s TEAL climb to Mount Kilimanjaro

For the first time ever, the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance is partnering with Kilimanjaro climber and specialist, Macon Dunnagan, to carry our TEAL ribbon to the top of the tallest freestanding mountain on earth!

We are inviting you to join Expert Dunnagan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro next September during National Wear TEAL Day, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer.

The proposed climbing dates are as follows:
Friday, August 26: team departs from the United States
Saturday, August 27: arrive in Moshi Tanzania
Sunday, August 28: rest day at Spring Lands Hotel
Monday, August 29: the climb begins
Tuesday, August 30: arrive at the first cave
Wednesday, August 31: arrive at third cave
Thursday, September 1: depart third cave and arrive at Kibo Huts
Friday, September 2: summit to Kilimanjaro – National TEAL day!
Saturday, September 3: being the climb back down
* This climb will include a new moon into the first quarter, which means lots of stars.

Note: The climb only allows for twelve persons. It is important to contact Expert Macon as soon as possible to begin your training regimen should you be interested in the climb. The climb will cost an estimated $1,500 for travel, gear and additional climbing expenses.

For more information about the September 2011’s TEAL climb to Kilimanjaro, contact Macon Dunnagan via email at or via Facebook.

About Macon Dunnagan

H. Macon Dunnagan Jr. was born December 4, 1959 in Charlotte, NC. He is the oldest of three children (sister, Shawn and brother, Todd). He graduated Gaston Day School in 1979, Lees McRae College in 1979 and attended Wofford College from 1982-1984 and Lenoir Rhyne college from 1984-1985. Macon married Michelle Dunnagan (from Vancouver BC) in 1998. Sadly, Michelle died from ovarian cancer in 2007. He later married Nancy on October 10, 2009. They have two children Ellen (17) and Alex (13). He has been employed with US Airways since 1986.

Macon Dunnagan is a 16-time Mt Kilimanjaro climber and author of the book “Sons of Kilimanjaro.” He climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for the first time in 1999 and published his book after his second climb in 2002. He is also a Mt. Kilimanjaro Expedition Director with Zara Tours in Moshi Tanzania and a member of the Polarmax Pro Team.

Macon just set the record for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro three times in 27 days. In January of 2011, Macon was asked to climb with Backpacker Magazine. He has visited Africa over 30 times including Western Sahara, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Nairobi, Tanzania (19 times), Zanzibar and South Africa. He gives inspiration to those who want to learn about unusual experiences and life beyond the limited knowledge.

Macon wants to share his mountain and life experiences with everyone and invites you to join him at the top of his favorite mountain in an effort to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer.

About Mount Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro is situated inside the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania. It is the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain on earth. This guide aims to provide the potential Kilimanjaro climber with valuable and accurate information on climbing Kilimanjaro, which will hopefully contribute towards increasing your chances of a successful summit attempt. Additionally, this climb will help raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer.